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Kiko Makeup Milano, you probably heard of them by now! It's been one of my top favourite brands for the past 6 years which is clearly noticed when you open my makeup collection, It's everywhere from foundation to lipstick and of course eyeshadow!
The Kiko Infinity + Sparkle Eyeshadows come in 12 different shades and usually retail for 5,90£, being on sale for a while at the price of 2,80£! 

These can be used wet or dry but I definitely recommend using them wet for the simple reason - fall out! The fact these shadows are super shimmery makes the all process a little bit messy, they crumble and they don't swatch very pigmented, you have to pack it on quite often to get a good amount of pigment plus sparkle on the lids, I used to grab my duraline to work with them but at some point I just gave up.
Like many other similar shadows from even more expensive brands, these don't stay put for a long time, they just fall over the cheeks which for me is a no no! I have tons of eyeshadows from Kiko and I can tell from now that the single ones are the best so far. It is a matter of personal preference with formulas but I don't think anyone wants to walk around with flaky eyelids. I must mention I look for good pigmentation whether is a matte or shimmery shadow and for that the Foiled by Makeup Geek beat all them up!
The formula is smooth, don't get me wrong, they just fail at staying put on the lids and take effort to show up! From everything I've tried from the brand these are the biggest disappointment.
I love Kiko and honestly breaks my heart sharing a not so great review on their products but this is also a way of telling them where to improve! 
In a way if you like a sheer wash of colour these may work for you, just stop by a shop and test them out! Never rely on my opinion as your own, most of the times things are related to personal preference and you may as well like something I don't! 

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