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Starting with the obvious, Bacalhau no Forno is the Portuguese description for the dish I am doing today, which means in literal translation "Cod in the oven" but I would simply say it's roasted cod.
To start off I must say I can't find cod in english shops as we do in Portugal so I opt to buy from Portuguese shops that can be found in London but also online, I got mine from Delicias. It is very expensive but so worth it, full of flavour and a delight for special occasions!

The first step when you buy dried cod is to put it into water and leave it overnight, changing water every 24 hours, repeating the process for 3/4 days, till you try it and it doesn't taste too salty. I assure you it makes all the difference to use this specific cod instead of the frozen one we see around.

On the day your cod is ready to be cooked you can freeze it if you don't want to use it straight away or simply take this idea and roast it! 
I started off by using a big tray (oven proof) where I putted chopped potatoes, red peppers and onions with a bit of salt all over - quantities vary on each portion but there's no secret or measurements, simply put how much you think will feed your guests! The oven shall be preheated at 180C on the Roast set. The time will also depend on the quantity, keep an eye on it, for 3 portions usually takes me 30/45 minutes. 

On top of the potatoes you add the cod with onions and garlic plus a shower of olive oil to enhance the flavours. I also add sunflower oil just on the bottom till it reaches halfway through the potatoes.

To complement such dish I love rice, this one goes in the oven as well.
To do this I use a specific ceramic pot that I brought from Portugal but a baking proof tray should be good!
On the first layer goes onions, salt and a bit of sunflower or olive oil. Add your rice up to half the tray and put water to boil in the stove.

Add the boiled water up to the top and add some bay leaves if you like! Put it to cook alongside your cod tray and take it when the top is crispy and brown. This is my favourite way to cook rice and so simple!

And this is how it looks all together. I usually put a layer of rice, potatoes and finally the cod on top! It is hands down my favourite dish and I hope you like it as much as I do if you try it!

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