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After what seems like 3 hours and 75 triangles on my face I ended up with this look, if you want me to tell you why I simply don't have a reason! 
I just got inspired by a book and decided to do something different with my eye makeup which at the end resulted on a not expected full on face, ears and neck paint! 
In a way I just did it all very randomly the only thing I had in mind was a transition like from dark to light but not the vulgar way of doing black to white stuff, and also I wanted to use the triangles somehow!
I decided gold would suit this look well in the way of sharing the power of a (not so) bare face contrasting with the cold shattered purple and blue! I just like to experiment, I don't really sit down and think about a subject or make up a character on a face chart... I just pull stuff out of my drawers and let my hands do what they want in my face! Sounds weird after saying it but I just can't really come here and say 'oh I always plan my looks, this one represents a shattered glass of a profound coldness that gave up to the warmth and lustre of the gold" sounds good in a way but no, it just happened to be like this and I wanted to share it with you!

One thing I love doing on my not so wearable looks is different makeup on both sides of my face, I love transition of colours, even if they don't compliment or contrast each other, I know colour theory I just don't think much, as I already said, about what I'm really doing, I don't have something planned so it's hard to know what the end result can be. I love the fact I can create different designs and play in different areas at the same time! 

This look has a very luminous base, I can say I used more liquid highlight than actual foundation and loads of an illuminating eyeshadow all over the face, in the end I quite liked the result and even thou I'm not the best at posing for photography I still got a decent shot of what it looked like!
By the way, I just came home from work, I'm extremely tired but decided it was good to spend the rest of my afternoon playing with makeup, I want to get better each day, I admire this kind of makeup so much that I ambition to have my own photoshoots one day and be able to create outstanding looks... the key to get there is mostly practice, find new techniques and above all be as creative as possible! I'm just starting to get it more out, usually I focus more on eye makeup than anything else but I want to do full on face makeup, costumes and even prosthetics if I'm that adventurous! 
This is a way I found to express my love for makeup and its endless uses, I've done some of these before last year so I'll list them here if you're curious to see them!

If you're interested on the products I used here's the list:
Eyeshadows by Kiko - Purple -158 | Sky Blue - 162 | Dark Blue -283 (clics system) | Burgundy -136 | Gold - 256 (clics system) | Dark Brown - 240 (clics system)
Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 010 Look Me In The Ice all over the face as highlighter 
Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco mixed with Max Factor Miracle Match foundation all over the face - 1 part of highlighter to 1/2 part of foundation
On my brows - Inglot Brow Liner Gel 21 & Kiko Clics System Eyeshadow in 283 (dark blue) plus Collection Glam Crystals Eyeliner in Hustle 4 on top mixed with some blue glitter!
Eyeliner - Kiko Precision Liner (black) Gosh Intense Eyeliner Pen in 06 Blue
L'oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara
Lips - a mix of the gold and highlighting eyeshadows 

Hopefully you like this look as much as I do, in a way!

Thanks for reading,

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