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Who would say Rich Tea Biscuits would give a lovely no-fuss cake? Portuguese people! You may or may not know I'm Portuguese, so Hey! or should I say Olá
In Portugal we have this cake that you find in almost every restaurant that's called "Bolo de Bolacha" meaning it's a cake made out of biscuits and since it's my boyfriend's favourite I decided to make it so he stops moaning about how much he misses it ;) 
The essence of this cake is basically Rich Tea Biscuits and coffee with a buttercream or in this case, a coffee double cream in between layers! I also decided to give it the extra glam with melted chocolate on top, but usually you don't find chocolate in the traditional version!

He's so eager about the cake he decided to grab the same bowl I melted the chocolate in to not waste time haha

Will you go for a slice?

It all starts with a recipe so here it goes!


600g of Rich Tea Biscuits
600 ml double cream
1 tablespoon of Instant Coffee dissolved in a medium size bowl of warm water
100g of Chocolate Chips (I used Milk Chocolate)
2 crushed biscuits & a hand full of chocolate chips to sprinkle on top


  1. You start by making your coffee and rest it on the fridge to cool down! Meanwhile you whip your double cream! If you never whipped double cream, it requires a hand mixer or an electric stand mixer with the whisk attached on and you just let it work through, pay attention to not let it over mix, you will ruin it! The consistency we want is a strong peak, with this I mean when it starts to get thicker you leave it for a few seconds more till it starts to get firmer, with this you can mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of your already cooled coffee. Tip - fold the coffee by hand with a spatula and be very careful to not make it too liquid, so add one at a time till the perfect spreadable and firmer consistency!
  2. Once you have your cream ready you just grab the biscuits one by one dip them in the coffee bowl and place them in the plate forming a flower - so you put one in the center and follow it around with the others. Spread a bit of cream, just enough to cover it otherwise the following layers will fall! The second layer you place de biscuits between the gaps of the first layer, so you do this every layer to get an even cake slice! Basically it's just repeat the process of the biscuits in the coffee and cream till you finish the packets!
  3. Once it's all done you put a final layer of double cream covering the entire cake or as much as you would like, I also like to put more coffee on top with my spoon - then leave it to rest in the freezer for 3 hours or till it's completely firm!
  4. Now that your cake is completely firm you can take it out! Melt your chocolate chips on the microwave in intervals of 30 seconds and pour them on top - be very quick spreading it as the surface is frozen it will make the chocolate set very quickly!! Sprinkle crushed biscuits and chocolate chips on top for extra fun ;) 

Enjoy your cake and don't forget to keep it refrigerated and consume within 3 days!

Thanks for reading,

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