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A little haul coming its way! I must state I went crazy on Black Friday and spent way more than I want to admit so I'll probably be reporting all of it soon since I'm still waiting for a few parcels to arrive!
Illamasqua had to be on my list of websites to visit as their sales are always so good! They had up to 75% off a lot of things and 25% sitewide. As I personally have a professional discount with the brand I didn't go as crazy this time of the year of the exception of some good bargains. 

I grabbed 3 items but the pigment hasn't turned up yet so I'm sharing the stunning and original Lava Lipstick (20£) that went straight into my cart purely for its beauty. The shade is Rebirth and I certainly got it for the way it looks and not for the shade itself but considering it was only 10£ why not really... I'm even too scared to ruin it but I sure will use it soon as I love the formula. The black mixed with the red will give a different shade every time I wear it which intrigues and amazes me at the same time! Super cool I may say.
They also had a couple eyeshadows at the amazing price of 5£ which is way better than half price and since I'm familiar with the formula and know their pigment is to die for I grabbed the purple of the bunch [Inception (17£)] which usually is a very hard shade to produce. I cannot wait to use it on a look and hopefully share it here with you as I haven't done that in a long while! 

Let me know if you've tried any of these products from Illamasqua and your thoughts on them!
Did you go nuts this Black Friday?! Share your hauls with me! 

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