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It's been a while since I did some kind of beauty favourites post so I decided it was more than time to one! I tend to rotate things pretty well within my beauty stash which often doesn't allow me to get attached to something easily, I will like some products more than others but is rare that I find one that I can't stop using for a month or so.

The Scent!
As far as perfume goes I'm very picky so when I find one I love I tend to stick with it. Paco Rabanne Olympéa has become one of my signature scents since Summer 2015 so is safe to say I really like it. Surprisingly enough for most of you, the bottle is still quite full and that's because I only wear perfume when I go out or work at the beauty shop. I'm not meant to have strong scents on me while doing cakes so I basically can't wear it much on a daily basis. I definitely recommend you giving it a sniff when in store! 
On the other hand, I'm one that doesn't appreciate candles that much, generally! I don't see why someone would actually spend 40£ on a candle, but that's just me. However, Space NK came out with Shimmering Spice Candle last Christmas and it's been a favourite ever since. It has a strong scent and lingers in the air for hours, it reminds me a lot of winter which I love! Hope they bring it back next Christmas and you have a chance to get it!

The Blushed Cheeks!
So... yes Hourglass is a whole other post that will come soon but spoiler alert, this blush is something else! Mood Exposure is probably one of the most popular shades from their range and I can see why. It's mauve pink tone suits my fair/light complexion amazingly and gives almost of a healthy glow to my skin, something I can't quite explain! Go to a shop near you and give it a try on the cheeks you will be impressed. It also lasts the entire day without fading which I find very pleasant since I need to look make-up perfect at all times when advising costumers on it!

That Shadow Tho! 
When in Portugal, beginning of this month, I had the chance to pick up a few eyeshadows from Inglot's new seasonal launch! The 4 shades are all from the new collection and I'm sure is already available in the UK. Pigmentation is outstanding but what caught my eye was the range of shades, I love all of them for the warm look and I feel like I have nothing like them in my collection. I own the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette and none of these compare to it shade wise, so if you love that one, you will certainly love these!
Also from Inglot I've been wearing a lot this Red Eyeliner - 79 - it is a beautiful option when doing warmer toned looks, if you want to see it in action head over to my instagram where I posted a picture of an inspired look!
Lastly the mascara of my dreams! Kiko has amazing mascaras all together but this one is another level! Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara gives you not only volume but amazing length to the lashes while separating them, it doesn't smudge or clump on me, nor it falls during the day like most mascaras do. It is a brilliant formula with an hourglass shaped brush, similar to Better Than Sex by Too Faced but at more affordable price.

Them Tools!
Long story short, Zoeva brushes are my all time favourite to apply eye make-up. My most used ones are 221 Luxe Soft Crease, 227 Luxe Soft Definer and 310 Spot Liner! The first 2 amazing at blending eyeshadow for that flawless look and the last one is great for eyeliner, however I do not recommend it to beginners as it's way too small and it takes time to get used to it. Quality is amazing for the price and I honestly can't live without them, my ride or die brushes for sure!

Tell me all about your favourite products of the moment! 

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