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Beet it / Vibe / Cindy / Thistle / Raven / Posh

For the longest time I've wanted to try something from Lime Crime, it was only natural to start with the Liquid Lipsticks! Even thou the product selection is very tempting and innovative. Look at that packaging thou... stunning!

The formula is not consistent but I only notice that since I have such different colours, and I assume it's due to that. Thistle applies a little more patchy than any other which requires more layering to even out application. Posh is also a bit more sheer than any other I've tried, I assume the metallic formula takes out the pigment at some point so I can't really expect it to be as opaque as Raven for an instant. 
I find the nudes apply without a problem, and the lasting time is about the same for all. It's not a bulletproof formula but it doesn't crack on my lips either like the ColourPop ones. I would compare it to a Kat Von D liquid lipstick, it lasts a good amount of time on the lips, is comfortable to wear, but will break down as soon as food is involved. On the other hand, is very easy to reapply, so I'm not bothered. The only thing I dislike completely is the applicator. I find it to be very stiff which makes it hard to get crisp lines around the edge, so I always end up using a brush! 
I find that overall is a good formula and the shade selection is spot on, I loved the idea of the mini trios that were on sale for Christmas and if you run you might still have the chance to pick some! 
It is a great way to try different shades and decided which ones are for you! I definitely love the metallics and I've been eyeing a few reddish shades they came out with recently, but for now, I'll be set with these! 

Is it my favourite liquid lipstick out there?! No, but will I keep using them and try new shades?! Yes! It is a matter of personal preference to be fair, if you find any of the shades appealing and if you like the formula itself. But like everything is a matter of trying! 
If you don't feel comfortable buying from Lime Crime there's plenty of other options out there, but please be mindful with your comments and remember, not everyone buys a product based on the company but for the item itself. 

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