Metallic Silver Lips!


If you've checked yesterday's post you noticed one of the lip looks was Silver Foil! I tried this technique to see if it would go with the overall concept and theme of the look,  which at the end didn't work out as good as I'd expected to. Anyway, it always gives a nice option to go with any extravagant and metallic look that you have in mind, whether you want to rock the foiled look on a special occasion to impress, or simply try new techniques for the fun!

All I used was Inglot's Duraline mixed with Mehron Metallic Powder Silver and applied all over the lips, after drying for a couple of minutes I went with Silver Foil on top (this one I got from Amazon in a pack with gold leaf, I'm not sure if regular foil would work out but I assume it would). Duraline is obviously not a lip product so I would suggest to use Lip Gloss instead if you're thinking or wearing a lip like this for more than half a hour! Also be aware, the foil crumbles and gets inside your mouth easily, I do not recommend swallowing it!

The texture and metallic shine hypnotise! Hopefully this will inspire you to create!! 

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