Z Palette or My Kit Co?!


Lately I've been in a depot fever where I actually "destroyed" 6/7 of my Sleek eyeshadow palettes and gave all my Kiko singles a new home. While I was doing this I had for sure to buy a new magnetic palette and that's when it all started. 

Z Palettes are getting more expensive each day, I remember my first large was around 15£ and this last one was 17,50! What's up with that?! Anyway, I was eager to try its affordable look alike and see how it compares... I can tell you to ditch the Z's and get your hands in some of My Kit Co's instead!

My first thought was for 9.50£ you can't expect same quality as for the 17.50£ you paid on your Z Palette, but I was completely wrong. My Kit Co magnetic palette is bigger than a Large Z Palette which makes it easier to store more eyeshadows in, obviously. It comes with a few magnets as Z one but I haven't tried them yet. It's a sturdy palette and the same style as its counterpart which makes it an amazing value for money.
While on a Large Z Palette  I could fit 11 Kiko single eyeshadows, in a MKC I can fit 18!!! So you get the idea, it's bigger, sturdy and cheaper, what else can you ask for?!
I ordered my Z from BeautyBay and it came next day, My Kit Co I order directly from their website and it came 2 days after shipping which is not bad at all. I know they sell in Selfridges as well so you can always buy from them instead. 
I still love my Z Palettes and will keep using them but I won't be buying anymore now that I know of a much cheaper alternative! 

About all the depoting, I've noticed I don't use my singles very often and the same for the Sleek Palettes, they were all in a similar packaging and there were shades I didn't like much but some I loved using alongside other palettes. I figured out it would make more sense to keep the shades I love and get rid of the rest, it was the hardest thing to depot to be fair so I do not recommend it, you will break loads of eyeshadows and that's sad! In the end I kept most of my colourful ones and shimmery as I think they have the best quality. I hope this gives me more inspiration to use them in future looks! 

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