How To Rock The Green Lip!


If you're one for the bold or simply want to try something new, here's the green lipstick! Not as scary as it sounds and very flattering on warmer skin tones!  
There's multiple ways you can make it work within your wardrobe according to occasion, I generally have no rules when it takes to makeup so bold lip goes with bold eyeshadow if I'm feeling it! Anyway, I know most of you simply don't see yourselves rocking such bold colour so an option is always to go with a simple eye make-up, bare eye, wash of colour or winged eyeliner! You can't go wrong with just mascara to be honest, but most important of all - you need confidence! 
The only way around it is basically grab it, slap it on your face and carry on! At the end of the day, is just makeup, you can wash it off!

Lipstick used - Colour Pop Matte Liquid Lipstick in DR. M. 

Get inspired, Create!

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