Sleek Haul & First Impressions


Sleek Makeup is hands down one of my favourite brands at the drugstore! Packaging always on point but for the matters, quality is amazing for the price! 
My first ever Sleek product was an eyeshadow palette that I got at Sephora Portugal back in 2012?! Probably before! It's the Storm palette that I use till today and love!

Since I moved to the UK Sleek has been so much easier to keep track of and as expected I grew love for more of their products!
Recently Sleek launched a Cream Contour Kit (10,99£) that to be honest I didn't like much in the beginning but as time went by and I tried it out more I grew to love it and can say makes my fear for cream contour fly away! I own the shade Light and I love how natural the darkest brown shades look on my skin and how easily they blend! To be fair I don't reach much for the highlighting shades as I find they don't do much for me... a shame since Sleek highlighting palettes are to die for!

Speaking of highlighting palettes, I was dying to try the Solstice Highlighting Palette (10£) and I ran to every Boots/Superdrug near me almost everyday till I got it! Yes that's dedication at its best! I already own the Precious Metals one and love it to death so I knew I would probably like this even more as I prefer powder over cream, as I mentioned! I've not played much with it so far but for a first impression it comes up to my expectations!

Since it was a sale going on where you pay 10£ for 2 Sleek products I made myself get something worth the bucks! I was looking at the new limited edition palette that has some pastel shades in it, something I don't own but at the end I came up with a ol' neutral combination as I know I will use for sure! This is the All Night Long i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (8,99£) that despite the name I would most likely use on a day look, is gorgeous for every occasion! I haven't tried it yet but soon will come up with a look for it!

Last but not least I went for a new shade of the Matte Me Lip Creams (4,99£) in Velvet Slipper since I love Fandango Purple from the moment I got it! I'm a bit disappointed with it as I noticed the shade darkens throughout the day - which makes no difference to me as I love dark lips anyway - but not being true to how it first looks kinda sucks right?! Nonetheless, I like it and will keep using it! 

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