Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless


From the first moment I saw this in store, I knew it would come home! Finally the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation (5,99£) is available in the UK!!!!!!!! 
I was a tad bit unsure about my shade since the 120 was too dark and the lightest offers were 105 and 115 skipping the 110?! I was expecting to grab the 110 that is supposed to be the lightest with yellow undertone in it but well in absence I noticed 105 was not that bad of a match to my skin!

I tried it a few times now, in warmer and cooler days so I can give my thoughts on how it applies and how it wears! First thing I noticed was how runny it is, usually matte foundations have a thicker consistency from my experience. It applies easily on the skin, has a medium coverage, and I like to use the Beauty Blender or the Zoeva Buffer brush to apply it.
When on the skin I notice it doesn't cover up my blemishes completely, which is fine, and doesn't give a matte finish as it promises, I would say it's more like a satin! My pores are not emphasised with this, has it happens with True Match from L'oreal, so from that point of view is a winner!
From my experience it lasts fairly good on a daily basis, but it disappears almost completely around my nose and on my chin at the end of the day. It's not a foundation I would wear on a special event since I'm not too confident on its lasting power but for a day to day wear is just enough!  
It doesn't emphasise any dry patches, pores, redness or facial hair, it's lightweight and holds up fairly good in both warm and cool weather. I think it would suit normal to combination skin better than oily, since it doesn't stay matte throughout the day!

In general is a really good foundation for the price, I'm impressed! It's been my most used since I got it and that only means it's one worth a try! 

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