The Wrong Shade, Again! | Kiko Universal Fit Foundation | 1st Impressions


Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation sounds pretty much like what I need in a bottle but when you go to central London to choose a foundation is not easy. The store was pretty much full and when I was testing the shades this one seemed to be the most accurate to me. I couldn't be more wrong! Peachy face what? So here I am, once again, struggling with my shade of foundation! Will I ever get it right? I'm open to hear some tips!
Apart from the not so flattering colour I still managed to use it with a bit of powder on top to make it less 'not my face' and according to my first impressions it was somehow unexpected... in a good way.

This 30 ml wonder bottle contains a light weight base with a decent coverage making it comfortable on the skin and being a hydrating foundation it has a somehow dewy finish to it, not greasy just a flattering glow. It cancels out some of my red areas not being the most appropriated to spots even thou is still one of the best options for day to day wear. It has a not too strong smell to it that I quite like so pay attention to it when in store if you often struggle with scented makeup. At 6.90£ mark you can't go wrong with it, I mean only in the colour choice if you're like me!
I intend on buying this bottle again but this time in my shade and hopefully it will be featured on future posts!

Have you tried any Kiko foundation?

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