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Inglot is not new to MB as you may remember when I last talked about it and shared my love for their Duraline and eyeshadows. Being my 10 palette with only 3 matte shades I decided it was time to get them 4 new cousins on the shimmery side. 
Looking to so many shadows at the same time can be confusing so I always follow my instinct at the moment on the side of coppers, golds and red toned shades.
450 a gorgeous representation of the colour of the year was the first one to take place in my heart followed by its cousin 452 a darker brown with red undertones and loads of shimmer. My gold obsession has no end and it couldn't be out of the palette so 606 kept its place in my heart. Last but not least we never have enough bronz-y shades making 12 the final addition.
Overall as you can see by the swatches this bad boys are to die for, super pigmented with buttery texture, a dream to work with and make my brown eyes pop.
How I love me some new shadows!! The 10 is almost complete leaving me 3 spaces to fill in hopefully next trip will light up some new shades who knows on the brighter side.

Do you have any Inglot eyeshadows? Which one is your favourite?

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