Let Me Wear Some Denim!


Fashion is not my forte so when it takes to new trends I mostly stay where I always am, with no opinion formed. This time Denim is all over the shops and I couldn't be more surprised for liking it, in a way. 
I'm not the usual stylish girl or at least I don't think I am so this time I decided to do a post adapting the Denim Trend to my personal style!
Ripped black jeans can never miss so is a black crop top! Searching for denim jackets that can make me wow I discovered this one that has a super different cut to it with loads of zips and studs *love*. When it takes to footwear on the denim side I found this cute shoes that would make a great combination with the jacket and the skinny jeans!
Accessory wise I found this shoulder bag  that looks pretty good for day to day wear paired with any and everything and with the sunny days showing through a good pair of denim sunglasses to complete the look.

Are you a Denim lover?

Thanks for reading,

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