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Sharing the love is something I see quite often among our community so I always feel like everyone has at least one post where they share their favourite reads.
As I also have my favourites here goes my top 5 blogs of the moment, mostly beauty but also sharing a bit of everything else, the girls I'm talking about make part of my daily reads standing out from the others! Curious?!

If I don't read every post I must say I read 95% of them. I love Siobhan's blog, probably my obsession for the past few months as she goes straight to the point when talking about any and everything! I completely trust her opinion when it takes to product reviews and love the way she writes! Her pictures are pretty much what I ambition to achieve one day so you know the love is real here! Well worth a visit if you don't know her yet!

Hayley's blog is like a big encyclopedia where you find everything about any beauty brand you can imagine! She writes longer posts but I don't get bored which proves how well she writes! I trust her reviews and you know when a product is hyped and not worth the money! This girl gives you everything you need to know plus loads of advice and tips for your blog! Perfect if you're entering the bloggers world now or simply love a new read!
Heather is a sweet girl that studies Arts in college so I initially felt attracted to her blog for that reason! She has an amazing writing which makes you feel involved and part of the monologue. I particularly love her art posts but beauty is everywhere and of course I do love that subject! Amazing photography and great reviews, a blog that I read frequently and couldn't recommend more! 

Sweet Electric
If you often read tips and tricks posts about the Blogger community you need to go to Zoe's page! I learn a lot when reading SE and for the extra fact she also writes about makeup. What do I want more? The writing is engaging and clear so makes everything easy and most of the time you leave the page knowing something useful for your day!

The Celution
I don't even know where to start! When it takes to Celina's blog I just can't find the words! I love her writing skills, photography and mostly the beauty posts she writes! Creativity is something this girl lacks not! She writes about everything but mostly beauty so if you love a good read you have to click on her blog!

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