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I read blogs for way more years than I blog myself and it's a fact that I can easily see when someone has quality and someone has not that much (within my personal taste and experience).
When a blogger writes well you can see it straight away, engaging posts, creative subjects and original pictures. As with everything in life there are some people that need more time to build up an audience *looking at myself right now* and others will genuinely captivate a bunch of people's attention, which is great! 
The not so great thing is when someone has more audience because of their name! Maybe they're famous, or cousin of a certain someone that gives them free publicity on the social media and to be honest it gets me on my nerves when something like that happens. 

I can see from far some of my favorite bloggers taking time to blog daily with full time jobs/school, with great and fresh content, amazing pictures, having the time to reply to their comments and give some attention to their followers not having half of the 'fame' some people who doesn't give a sh*t about the followers and only has millions of them because of their name. This brings me to the topic that may still be fresh in our community about buying followers... not going into it much further! 

The thing is, I don't see the hard work paying off whether for me or some of my all time favorite bloggers which is completely insane as we take a lot of our time to do this, we genuinely love it and make good effort to put our work out there. What takes me years to achieve may get a few seconds of a certain someone to reach because of, once again, that little helper behind them! That sucks!! I find too hard to put my work out there as I'm building my audience on my own within a community that's growing each day! What I can see is those who already have a name going straight to the top with no big effort and it's a bit frustrating! 

Do you think hard work is paying off in our community?

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