Joker Sparklenight | A Green & Purple Look |


Joker has always been one of my favourite villains since my teens and I quite liked his madness. I still do! Being his purpl-y green combo an inspiration for me I decided to go for a look that resembles Joker and the Sparkling Nights of his madness while joking around with Batman. A not so usual combination of colours but still wearable for both day and night depending on your taste.

To start this purple green look I applied a white base and on the crease I went for a brown shadow from Catrice - Siberian Call. The first colour I added on the lid was the green also by Catrice - In Love with Hulk - followed by two purple shades Heidi Plum by Catrice158 by Kiko. To give the sparkle to my inner corner I Love Champagne by Catrice did the job and all the glitter you see is from Claire's, an iridescent white with purple and blue tones! On the lower lash line I used the two purple shades mixed with a bit of the green and to give something else to the look I glued on a purple rhinestone.

How do you feel about this look?  Are you a Joker fan? 

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