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That black box your boyfriend/brother have in the room can be somehow annoying as he always sits there playing without a care for the world. You could be right next to him dying he would not stop the game to look at you for once.
I'm obviously exaggerating on the facts but I know how boys can get hypnotised by the black box, I live with 3.
So one day I came up with this big idea of using it myself and look for what it can gives me! I'll share with you 5 things girls can do on PS4. *Be careful boys your days of kingdom are coming to an end!*

I mean, my favourite thing in the world is to watch videos on tv so what a better thing than PS4 to do it! It has way better quality than on my laptop which surprises me, it's quicker and you can enjoy it on the big screen. If you have plenty of noisy people at home *looking at my own belly* the cherry on top of the cake is you can use headphones on your controller. The boys in the house now share the spot with me. #sorrynotsorry

Apart from videos you can also listen to music so the time your phone is charging or your laptop doesn't have the best sound quality what are we looking for? PS4! I often turn on the music and do whatever I have to around the house and the sound quality is greater and can be louder than my sad laptop. Win/Win for me!

This one is not my cup of tea as I'm not a netflix user *don't look at me like that* but one of the boys is actually addicted to it so I often see him watching movies through his PS and I can say, once again, better quality than the ol' friend laptop. That serie you can't watch on your laptop can now be seen thanks to the so graceful black box.

Play Games
Girls can also play games, why not? I'm actually a FIFA player and I have my team, I assure you I know more about inform players than the last tv show trends nowadays. Living with boys ends up in this. There are a lot of fun games girls will love to play so search for one and give it ago! I'm sure you play better than the guy next to you! 

Reading blogs is possible on PS4 too and it can be better as you have the big screen to help you with the tiny letters. You can go to websites you love and search for the latest new apps you can download for PS4. That will bring joy to your home as you now can live peacefully with the black box.

Tell me your favourite things to do on PS!

Thanks for reading,

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