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Blue moon, so convenient! I honestly don't know where my creativity name room is placed on my brain but the little man taking care of it should sometimes do a better job! 
And I can hear you all saying "another makeup look?!" I don't seem to get bored #sorrynotsorry and let's be real you surely can take some inspiration out of this, don't you?

All the eyeshadows are from Catrice y'know how I love them! So 060 I Love Champagne is bubbling all over the lid dancing with its cousin 120 My Souvenir From Moon placed on the crease. You see where I took my name inspiration! As for the blue line following my lashes is 390 Top Of The Cops mixed with Duraline by Inglot. Y'know how I love my Duraline to give me the most colourful eyeliner! As mascara I have the Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof - phew such long name! And on my waterline is the lovely Eyebrow Lifter by Catrice making it a good nude liner! 

I really love how the blue contrasts with the pearly white and shimmery brown shadows giving me a different yet wearable look for a day to day basis! 

Would you dare using a blue eyeliner?

Thanks for reading,

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