5 Steps To My Creative Process


The creative process can be something completely out of this world in your point of view as we don't get inspired by the same things, we don't go for the same paths and everyone's tastes are completely different! 
I usually post a bunch of makeup looks through out the year as I love playing around with eyeshadows and coming up with different colour combinations so I thought it would give an interesting post to share the way I get inspired, how I do to create such looks.
I follow different steps that seem to be quite constant but not as rule, more like something that comes naturally.

Step 1 - Selecting Shades
My first step is always to select a few shades, if I'm feeling like blue I'll lay all my blues on my table and look at them while deciding which one(s) is(are) going to do what. Or if I'm going for a complementary look I pick complimentary colours and take some time to imagine how they would look together.  

Step 2 - Lights & Darks
Most of the times the light colours go to all over the lid and/or in the inner corner whether their matte or shimmery but it's not a strict rule! As the same for the darker colours usually used as  transitional shades or on the crease, all depending on the look. 

Step 3 - Unusual Colours
I love me a good bold eye look full of colour, most of the time playing for the safe and use a family of shades but sometimes I take the level up and pair a blue with a red or a green and a purple making it a lot different and at the same time challenging! It only gives me a perspective where I can see myself rocking something or just never repeat the error again!

Step 4 - Get Inspired
My inspiration comes from my head, sounds pretty boring to say it but I look into the shadows and imagine what I would wear. As I love NikkieTutorials I sure get a bit influenced by her choices of colour and placement of shadows, not gonna lie! As a bonus I tend to guide my colour choice on the seasons since we all love a good gold at Christmas time and a Pink on Valentine's! 

Step 5 - It's All About The Numbers
The number of eyeshadows I pick is totally random BUT generally 3 or 4 do the deal. By the time I'm picking the shades I already have a vague idea of where I'm gonna put what but not always works so it happens to sometimes I don't even photograph a look, I just take it off!  

Do you have a creative process? Tell me what you do!

Thanks for reading,

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