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I was never a fashion kinda gal, I mean the stereotype one! I don't follow tendencies and I couldn't care less about the general fashion but I found 3 amazing artists that I follow like no others and love their work! I like to have my own style a mixture of goth influences with day to day basics! Without further ado get to know my top 3 favorite fashion designers at the moment, and for the past years shall I say! 

Elie Saab
The first time I laid my eyes on one of his creations I was thrilled! I love love love if not all the dresses I assure you 99% of them! He's one of my all time favorite fashion designers and one day I hope to attend one of his shows! The Haute Couture is my favorite category but the Ready-to-Wear pieces are also stunning! What enchants me the most is the purity of the dresses, the feeling of freedom and power they demand, the beauty in the textiles and mixture of colours that actually suit my taste. It has something different that I can't explain but you can see for yourself here.

Zuhair Murad
This man is great. I mean look at his work! The shapes, the colours, the textures, the mix that sounds pretty awful in your mind but looks outstanding when he lays his hands on. Who would say I love such thing? No one actually but once again an artist puts feelings in his art and that's what I get from his creations. Loads of feelings! Can we just talk about the wedding dresses?! No?! Okay... I'll just contain myself! Anyway here's what you can expect. 

As a Goth subculture lover I obviously pay attention to their fashion, I shall say it's my big inspiration and Klaudia creates such amazing pieces! Luckily I have some t-shirts designed by her and can't wait to expand my collection! She inspires her artwork in Goth, Victorian and Steampunk worlds which ends up in beautiful jewelry, clothes and bag designs! I must say it's not for everyone's taste but maybe, even not feeling attracted to goth style, you may find something you like! She sells her pieces at Restyle for a super affordable price!  

Do you have a favorite Fashion Designer?

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