Tartelette - Sweetest Of Them All


Sounds like a desert and certainly tastes sweet making me addicted to it. First High End palette in my collection happened to be this one.. no Naked no nothing, just Tartelette. 
The combination of purple and neutral tones with matte finish replied to all my needs and I knew I had to have it in my life. 
The pigmentation left me speechless but it couldn't have been other thing, when you pay 50€ for a palette you expect great things from it. 
The little fall out didn't stop me from loving it so as you can imagine it's been a staple since I've got it. In need of a matte shadow, no needs to pick another palette, this is the one, has everything from highlight to transition shades that I wouldn't pick up individually but I'm glad I have. The cool to warm tones, the browns to purples, what else do I need to say? 
From day to night looks you can be creative, mix and match tones and colours or combine with other shadows you may love.   
Packaging wise it's purple with gold details and has the names of the shadows printed on it - yes!!! - I expected it to be a bit bigger but it's the perfect size to travel and will serve you in any occasion. 

Have you tried Tartelette? What do you think? 

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