What I've Learnt From Blogging


We learn a lot everyday without even noticing it and it comes to a point that you sit down and start thinking about how you got to a certain level, what have you done to achieve one of your goals and what it takes to keep the things as good for the next times?!
Well, when it takes to my blog I can proudly say I'm way more engaged to it now than I was before. It suits my taste better, it feels much more like me and gives me a sense of comfort to share certain aspects of my mind with you.

A certain inconstancy on my posts is easily noticeable if you read something I published in late 2013 or early 2014 and since then I've been working my hardest to achieve a better place, a better feeling towards my work. Well I guess it's here.
The centered annoying text was a not so good phase *not proud of it* the multi-colored words another and the oh so shameful photographs! Can we spare a moment to intake how much I've embarrassed myself on the past years? We can come back to reality now!
The goal with this post is to make you feel proud of your work, not be ashamed of your first sloppy posts, your not so good looking photographs and the spammy comments you left way in the beginning of your blog career. It's all part of a big thing, called evolution, that I'm thankful for!
I won't delete my first posts, I won't change photograph and to be honest I'll continue check them as a guide of 'what not to do'. The only thing I've managed to change was my template and it's way better looking now - I think!
The name! Oh the name, that was the only thing I've got right at first! At least one thing! I love the name of my blog and you know it's not even a super interesting story around it - About Me page explains it all.

What I want from this is to say - everyone starts at some point, you don't born knowing things, you learn them! And that's the beauty of it all, see how much you've learnt for the past days, months, years and have a laugh at your not so cool moments on the blogsphere! It all happened for a reason!

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