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Blushing cheeks looks gorgeous on everyone don't you agree?! I personally love to see when someone  naturally blushes! For the past year I avoided blush as much as I could for fear of looking like a clown, for fear of doing it wrong. But 2015 is a different year and I'm opened to try different shades, textures and brands!
As soon as I spotted Floral OrnARTment  by Catrice, on the counters I jumped at it and brought it home! It's from their limited collection called Viennart  that went in stores on December! I'm a bit late for the share but I get to see loads of limited editions going on sales after a few months so maybe you can still pick it up! 

With two different coral tones it happens to create a mixture of the perfect coral-y shade for this Spring! I've been loving the idea of sunny days, flowers, fresh air, so what a perfect time for a blush like this! You get 1 dark coral, a pastel-y coral and a mixture of both in one product which I find amazing!
The pigmentation is so good that you actually have to be light handed as it means it stays on pretty well through out the day! It's a set of beautiful shades that I'll for sure keep using and abusing for the following days!
Let's be honest, the embroidered pan made me want to by it without second thoughts!

Which coral blush is your favorite for Spring time?

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