Let's be honest - 3 Rules When Decluttering Makeup


When time comes and you have to move out you often struggle with the amount of stuff you have... Since I moved to another country it's harder to carry every and anything I want. As a change of life try to keep it as minimal as possible to stay healthy and not buried in a lot of things I decided to declut my makeup before I even packed it.

I was about to share an endless amount of makeup I got rid of but instead why not give you tips for when the time comes?! Much more interesting! That's what I thought!

It can be hard to put aside some products since we spent money on them or everyone raves about and we still have the hope to love it so here's my 3 rules!

Rule nº 1 - Keep / Pass / Trash
3 different piles of makeup - the ones you want to keep without any doubts, the ones you're not so sure about and are in good conditions and finally the ones that are completely out of age and ruined.

Rule nº 2 - Let it go
Don't be afraid of letting a product go because you still think you may find a way to love it. It's bullsh*t! If you have it sitting in your collection for about 2 or 3 years and you barely use it, it means something. If in bad condition send it to the trash, if in good state give it to a friend that will probably like it or make a better use of it.

Rule nº 3 - Unsuitable
If you can't stand the smell it's not worth keeping it. I got rid of 5 lip creams because I couldn't stand the smell. It was awful! If the shade doesn't suit your skin tone or you don't like the way it looks on you it may look stunning on a friend! Don't keep it for the sake of having more, it's not worth and is taking up space that could be used to store products you really love!

I got rid of 35 products, some were expired, others finished and the good ones (8) I passed to a friend that also loves makeup!
This sounds horror in a post but I feel so much more comfortable with my makeup collection, there's nothing I say it's sitting just for the sake of it. I use everything and I still have a lot! But planning on getting more *shhh*.

When buying makeup I read loads of reviews and wait to see if I really want to try the product because sometimes we get excited and buy without thinking twice and that was my main problem back then! Now I make very conscious decisions about where I spend my money on and get less chances of leaving the store with a product I won't use! 

Do you regularly clean out your makeup? What are your tips?

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