The Kingkiller Chronicle


Books have been a huge part of me since my teens but I'm not easily pleased with a story or writing style.. I'm so picky that my book selection is almost about the same things... Edgar Allan Poe, Patrick Rothfuss and Beauty! 
I sure have classics in my little library such as Dracula and Frankenstein but what gets most of my love is The Kingkiller Chronicle. What can I say? It is an amazing book (keep in mind that amazing is the most modest word to describe it) and changed my entire life. So for that, dear Pat, you're a genius.
This trilogy has, obviously, 3 books when the first is 'The Name Of The Wind' and the second 'The Wise Man's Fear' while the third one is not out yet (and you have to wait way more time than you wished).
Words can't explain how much this books means to me, how much this story affects me and if you're a fantasy book lover YOU HAVE TO READ this! Look I can't compare it to anything, this is art, pure art. You'll see what I'm trying to say and hopefully you'll agree.

Kvothe is the main character of the book and the story is about him, it starts when he's older and quickly goes to his kid life telling everything about him since he was a little boy. There's no words to describe how well Pat writes, it consumes you to a point you can no longer live without that story, you can't just let it unfinished. It demands to be read until the last dot and you'll crave for more and more and as for me... I'm craving for the past 3 years for the last book.
When it takes to the fantasy category yes it has supernatural things involved but it's not those spells or magics you're used to read it's so much real you feel like everything in Kvothe's World is possible... everything. 
It's 2:39 am... and the only thing I can think about to say is if this book never existed in my life I wouldn't be the girl you see. I would probably never get a blog or learn japanese online or draw Zayn Malik... because this book, this man, this story changed me for better and taught me things people around me would never be able to teach. I hope you can see what I see if not in this book in one that truly means something to you, because books are not only a piece of paper with a story, they're lessons. 

With this I conclude what seems to be the most difficult post to write, deep inside I wish I never had to share my dear Kvothe with anyone else. 

What is your favorite book?! 

Thanks for reading,

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