Happy New Year!!! - 2015


2015 is the year I've been dreaming about for a long time. 
Some journeys are about to end, others about to start but I'm excited with what's coming next.
My entire life is about to change, I plan moving, having my first job, become more independent and it will obviously affect Mary Bloomy blog! I honestly hope it all turns in a good thing for both of us.
My main goal is to improve my writing skills and photography but mostly my content, I want to give you even better posts and ideas. This blog is a huge part of my life, it helps me, keeps me motivated, gives me more and more acknowledgement and above all gives me the opportunity to meet great people that share the same passion for makeup as I do, 

2015 will be great for me and you! Do whatever you wanna do! Grow up and give yourself the most amazing things in life, the company of your friends and family! Take the most out of each day, never stop dreaming but most importantly never stop working for what you want to achieve!
I wish you the most wonderful year and hope to see you for the next 12 months reading my blog and enjoying it even more each day!

Thank you so so so much for everything!

Best wishes,

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