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Catrice 060 | Essence - 15/08/09 

Lip liners, those pretty pencils that always help to achieve the perfect lips. Many different colours and textures they're probably not so talked in the beauty world but I'm finding a way to give them more attention.
I've always heard 'you can't live the house with a bold lip without a liner' and I never questioned that! I started wearing a few bold colours and decided to give those creamy liners a go.
Whether it is to shape your lips or simply change your lipstick colour you can have a different range of prices and quality in almost every beauty brand you see out there. 
Catrice and Essence are the most affordable brands I know and get easy access to so why not try their lip liners? Catrice Ultimate Stay Lip Liner is creamy enough to feel comfortable and stiff enough to give the perfect lip line with no budge and prologues the longevity of a lipstick.
Essence has creamier liners easier to work with but not as long lasting as Catrice ones.
Both brands are good enough for me and I love paring those lip pencils with the same lipstick colour or a different one to give it another hint. 
My favorite combo is Nude Coral all over the lips followed by Mac lipstick in Myth! It gives the perfect peachy nude lip colour and stays put through out the day! 

Do you wear lip liners? Which ones do you recommend?! 

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