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Hi, I’m Claudia Machado and today I’m taking over Sara’s blog. Making videos is what I really love to do and you can find me on youtube by the name machadowee. Sara invited me to try something different and write a blog post. Today I have something very important to talk about: MUGS.

Mugs are just the best, they’re extremely versatile and useful. I’m referring especially to those big fat mugs, just like the one above.  Let me make a little list:

1.       Meals: If you want so save money on tableware, you need a mug! You may use it in the morning (meaning whenever you get up and have breakfast), to eat cereal or to drink something. You may use it to have lunch or dinner! As a college student I find this very useful, since I usually eat and work at the same time. And you may use it whenever you want to drink tea or hot chocolate!

2.       Practical and portable: Obviously a normal plate is portable too, but have you ever had dinner in bed with a normal plate? Well, I have and I’m telling you, the mug is less likely to get your food all over the place. It even has a handle for you to carry it around! It is the best for meals in bed, in front of the computer, in front of the television, anywhere!

3.       Dishes: I personally always try to use the less tableware possible in order to make doing-the-dishes-time as brief as possible. If I always use the same mug, I’ll always wash the same mug and won’t end up having a pile of dishes to wash. Sounds good to me!

Mugs are the best!!

Thank for reading :3

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