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Sometimes it feels good to come here and chat a little bit about things other than beauty (not complaining you know I love beauty) but today I want to talk...
Am I the only one turning the tv sound off whenever I write? It annoys me! 

Possibilities, dreams and things we wish for in life more than anything, are the reasons I'm here today.. 2015 is a new year and we believe it will bring new opportunities and be better than the years before but I honestly think if we don't change our attitude nothing new will happen.
I always heard 'easier said than done' and you're right! But if things were easy would you really wish them? Like, it's easy for you to go outside and wear whatever you want the only thing you may notice are a few odd looks and comments but other than that you're free. Now imagine a girl who dreams to wear trousers and can't because her culture doesn't allow it, she'll wish to use them more than anything. You get my point? We wish what we can't get.
The main point is 'When nothing is sure everything is possible', so if there's something you really want to do in your life but you're afraid or your culture does not approve it do me a favor and DON'T GIVE UP. This World is full of opportunities, chances to become what you want, to do the things that make you feel alive. Don't doubt your capacities, fight for the things you want, do something. 
And with this I finish my post.

Thanks for reading,

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