5 Zoeva Brushes I Can't Live Without


Zoeva is the brush brand of the moment so let's be honest every blogger and their mother has at least one of the sets or individual brushes in their collections! 
I have the Complete Eye Set since July 2014 and I've used it non stop since then. It comes with 12 brushes and a bag for the price of 60€ which is super affordable in my opinion. They're all soft and some are denser than others but it has to do with their purpose. These do not shed and are a dream to wash! (excuse the not so clean ones it only shows how much I use them!)

228/ Crease -  I always had problems when blending my eyeshadows and I thought it was my lack of ability but when I started using this brush I quickly noticed it was not me but the tool I was using to blend. It is one of the biggest of the set but has the right density and fluffiness to it and makes blending eyeshadow easy. I notice that sometimes it takes off a bit of the eyeshadow vibrancy but it's not a huge problem.

227/ Luxe Soft Definer - As the name says it is a soft definer brush! With the shape of a flat eyeshadow brush this one is fluffier and meant to softly define whatever you want in your eyes. It is the all in one brush you can apply eyeshadows and blend them with it! I usually use it to apply transition colours or blend my crease but if I'm in a hurry I do every step with this one in my eyeshadow work. 

231/ Luxe Petit Crease - I never had a brush that I could say puts everything in the right place effortlessly. Whenever I want to apply a bold colour to my crease this is the one I go for, usually use it with dark browns, burgundies and dark greens/blues then blend it all with the 228. It is round and dense having the particularity to apply the colour without loosing its pigmentation.

322/ Brow Line - Brow powder was not a big thing in my life until last year. I used to grab a brow pencil and fill my brows with it but I always wanted that bold effect so decided to powder them! With this brush filling in my eyebrows became my favorite step in my routine, it has an angled shape and is sturdy which makes it all easier to control the pressure and follow your natural brow line. Applies the colour without leaving any harsh lines and helps at the same time blending it in your natural hairs.

237/ Detail Shader - Inner corner highlight is not the same without this brush... It is flat, fluffy and has the shape of an eyeshadow brush but in mini size. It is a dream to grab the light colours and it also makes a good lower lash line definer when adding some colour there. It definitely is a detail brush since you can work little areas of your eye with it blending them or packing the colour, as you prefer.

Which brushes can't you live without?

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