Spooky Week! - #Iridescent Goddess (From Day to Halloween look)


You have a Halloween party but you know you won't have much time to spend on makeup?! Here's a solution: create a look to use during the day and only add some rhinestones to change for a kind of Goddess!
First of all the base makeup I used for this look is in here and here. You get the information about the products and how I applied them!

The only thing I added to this makeup was a contour and highlight, a few rhinestones and did some curve lines with black eyeliner. It's quick and easy and don't have to be perfect. 
As contour I used the same Purple shade of my eye crease and for highlight I chose the 1st color of the Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette, that's a very light pink with a lot of a shimmer.  
The second step was to do some curved lines with a liquid eyeliner (I used my Kiko) put them randomly and try to follow one eye to the other but there's no need to be perfect, mine isn't either. 
To finish the look I added rhinestones: 4 on each side and 3 on the center, I also added some little spikes, I really love the way they looked between the black dots. 

Here's the finished look, I think it's simple and easy to get put together, the only things you have to buy are the rhinestones and spikes if you don't have any at home. Apart from that you can quickly get it done and be a fabulous Goddess in the party!

Tell me what you think about the look :) 

Thanks for reading,

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