Spooky Week! - #I'm Not A Vampire


Halloween is my favorite season, do I really need to keep saying it?! 
I love to use face paints and what a better opportunity for that than October?! Well, I don't have a lot of experience when it takes to this kind of art, but I honestly want to improve and get better at it. 
This is such a simple look for Halloween that I would wear at a party, it doesn't require a lot of technique and it's quickly to put together considering the complete looks full of art I see out there!

(The background is grey because the original color was too bright for the look)

I firstly painted my face, neck and arms with white face paint but faded, didn't want that super white almost doll face. I then used a grey matte eyeshadow for contouring the nose, cheeks and temples, even my neck, arms and hands had a little bit of grey. All over the lid touching my eyebrows and on the sides of my nose I applied a sparkly purple eyeshadow blended. With a copper eyeshadow all over the lid I completed my eye look with black on the outer part to the crease. Red eyeliner on my waterline and an ultra black mascara on my lashes. If you're great at false lashes, unlike me, abuse on that! On my eyebrows I applied black face paint changing their shape to become larger but pointy on the inner part.

On my lips I decided not to use a lipstick but an eyeshadow! The same copper red I used on my lid, I apply it to my lips and with a black kohl liner I define the corners and fade them. Last touches with a bit of fake blood randomly disposed around my lips and on my hands to make it look like I just swallowed a dead animal or something like that (haha). 

I hope you like this look! Have a Spooky week! 

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