Spooky Week! #Is This A Nightmare?


First of all The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies of all time and so that I had to obviously have some kind of spooky Jack Skellington accessory... right? 
Beetlejuice and all Tim Burton things scream at me and black & white become my favorite combo! Since we're on the Spooky month for the most of the mortals ( Halloween is everyday for me if you can tell) I decided to share some of my favorite accessories that can be used all over the year or specially in October to celebrate this special event on the 31st! 

I used to be a bow addict but with the time I had to stop using them because of my current school, still I always try to use them on my days off since they look so cute! Spooky earrings are another addiction I have, shall I be sorry? From spiders to bats I always have some creepy thing going on and with that goes some cute rings! This particular one is a twisted simple silver ring from Claire's but I have some crosses too and bats that I forgot to include in here! You get the idea. 

Tip: Claire's is a perfect place to search for this kind of accessories! They have a great collection every year for this time! 

Have a Spooky Week!!! 

Thanks for reading,

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