Fall Is Calling For Something Else


One thing I love about makeup is the power of changing everything. You can pretty much do anything with makeup and experimenting is one of my favorite ways to be involved in this magic world and improve my general skills.
A while ago I decided to put up a neutral eye with a bit different eyeliner and I ended up with this: 

(excuse the bad quality but I'm trying to update for a better camera soon)

For my eyeshadow I used my Inglot palette (review here), the shade 341 all over the lid and 244 on the crease to give a bit of dimension. It results in a very subtle shadow work but I think it complements the next step. 
As for my eyeliner I used a mixture of 2 different eyeshadows in equal amounts - Catrice 600 Blackwood Forest & 190 Petrol Keeps Me Running - to make them eyeliner consistency I used Inglot Duraline (review here).
The result is a neutral eye with a pop of color that doesn't differ much from the classic black but still gives the look something else!
I really love to wear this on a daily basis and for the fall I think it's a great option! 
On my waterline I used the Kiko Skinny Fit Kajal in 01 and for my lashes I picked Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara in Ultra Black. 

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