Living Away From Parents


I decided it's the right time to share with you my experience of living away from my parents due to college or other related situations.

First off keep in mind it's not easy yet it's not awful. It depends on the way you feel about your parents and how you feel about yourself. Since I'm talking personally it makes sense to explain in my own terms.

When I finished Secondary School (what you call High School) I decided it was the time I was waiting for to become independent. As you may have imagine it's not all rainbows and flowers. The thing I noticed and I still struggle with is you never became 100% independent from your parents, they still pay all your stuff, the house you live in, the food, the school and everything that involves money. Your parents are the only source of money you have if you don't work right?! So you survive because they give you all those things and you're not independent as you think you are.

Living away teaches you a lot of things such as paying bills in time, food shopping, dealing with unknown people and your fears (as you can see for the picture above) and those kind of stuff you probably never had to think of before moving. I personally enjoy a lot doing things on my own, of course in time and with responsibility.

Living alone implies responsibility, organization, effort and a lot of nostalgia! The first times can be awesome or awful it depends... For me the first months were amazing, I loved and still love living on my own but now I can assure you I miss them much more since I get more and more time away. At first was those feelings of being free in a certain way and now it's more feeling a bit alone. For the fact I'm really lucky 'cause I didn't have to live alone, I live with a friend where I study and I live with another friend where I take my internship so I'm grateful for not being completely on my own. 
But since your chance to live with someone you know is not high you have to deal with strangers and it can be pretty concerning, you have your education and others have theirs, there's one thing that can help both of you 'strangers' to get along well - respect. I really hope you can have the time of your life and if you're not fine where you are or don't have a good relationship with your housemates you can always talk to your parents and try another house or another thing. Don't feel the pressure to keep everything for yourself your parents wants the best for you and they will help you go through everything.

There are immensely good things to take from your experience and you'll feel  more capable to deal with life in general (and spiders). There will be times of joy and others of sadness but it's all made up to transform you in a responsible adult. Don't be afraid things will turn out alright and once you're living on your own you'll want to do it forever ;)

Tell me your experience and let me know how you dealt with it!

Thanks for reading,

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