Kiko Cleansing Eyes & Lips - review


If you read my blog regularly you know Kiko Makeup Milano turned out to be one of my favorite brands on the beauty world. Great prices for amazing quality, couldn't ask better.

Not a long time ago I picked Kiko Cleansing Eyes & Lips a duo phase makeup remover recommended by NikkieTutorials. It retails for 5,90€ which is a fair price for the amount of 125 ml you get. It has, as normal of duo phase products, 2 different liquids inside of it where one is Transparent and the other is Blue. 

This remover is just amazing! I've tried Sephora and Douglas both were similar but this one I find it's less oilier which I love! All duo phase removers I tried were amazing but this one is so far my favorite. 
As you can see I added some chocolate bars to the picture it combines in colours but also it reminds me of that pleasurable moment where you eat chocolate... it's how I describe removing makeup with this duo phase cleanser. It gives me such effortless moment of joy while living my eye/lip area clean yet not dehydrated.  

'Ideal for removing waterproof and long lasting makeup. Shake well before use. Clinically and ophthalmologically tested. Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions. Non comedogenic. Paraben free.' 

I won't keep repeating my thoughts on this product but if you have the chance go check it out! 

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