A Song For My Heart - Lady Gaga - Donatella


Time for a new share! One of my favorite songs at the moment!

As you probably know Lady Gaga is a singer well known from her unique songs and style! Young and Wild would be good worths to describe her and her attitudes! 
There are two kinds of people around her world... the ones who love them, and I'm included, and the ones that hate or simply don't like.

I always loved Lady Gaga songs but this album - Art Pop - is amazing! This is not of course  the only one I love but the one I listen to the most!

Artist- Lady Gaga
Album - Art Pop 
Year - 2013

"Cause she walks so bad, like it feels so good
Listen to her radiate her magic
Even though she knows she's misunderstood
Voodoo, Voodoo, Voo-Don-Na-Na"

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