When Your Camera Breaks


My camera... an Olympus fe  12 megapixel bought in 2009..  You may have noticed how technology has changed, and a nowadays 12mp camera is no longer that bad. Mine is awful, the quality, the options and the longevity. Nothing seems to work right and it makes me wanna trow it away. 


For the times where your actual camera sucks or breaks and you're waiting to get a new one you can't just stop living. If you're a blogger you know how pictures are important and without a camera we're left with minimal options.

Here's some methods you can use for those times where you can't have a picture of your own:

  • Ask a friend for a camera and take as many pictures as you can from the various themes you want to talk about in future posts;
  • Use pictures from internet (always giving its credits);
  • Draw what you want to show and scan it; 
  • Use websites such as Polyvore to create an image of items you're talking about;
You can always opt to talk about things that don't need a direct picture such as:
  • Music taste;
  • Reviews on movies or books;
  • Share experiences;
  • Do wishlists;
  • Share links you love; 
  • Quick tips...
And so many other things! As you can see you have a plenty good of things you can talk about without a camera but keep in mind it's better to get one soon I personally love to see original pictures from bloggers rather than from internet! Try to have a little of both worlds to balance your blog image and content! 

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