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Long time no see, I know, shall I even mention?! Who knows in an upcoming post I write a life update. Onto new and exciting beauty stuff! Essence! You know this was the first brand being featured on the blog and many years before I used it non stop. Quality definitely improved and the trends are being followed, as expected!

On my most recent haul I picked up a bit of everything, a Matte Touch Blush in 30 Rose Me Up! that seemed quite nice for contouring or as a nude flush on the cheeks! I'm yet to try it on my face but it looks exciting and different to everything I own, something for everyday use! As part of their new launches there's also the Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette which features 3 different highlighting shades that have different finishes between them. I've tried this a couple of times, I like it but I don't feel madly in love with it yet. It has a good mix of shades but I feel like it can be a bit too much for an average day make-up, depending on what you're going for. Either way I suggest you popping into a store and give it a swatch  before you buy it. 
Next on the face department I got me a new face powder, as if I even needed more, but hey, the Camouflage 2 in 1 Powder & Make-up is also doubling as foundation, or so it claims. So far I've tried it dry and I really like the coverage and finish it gives to the skin, it seemed to set my make-up for the entire day and held good my other face products such as blush and bronzer! Need to build it up and see how far it goes without looking too much on the skin! 
The Metals eyeshadows were too appealing to pass on, so I decided to grab 07 Vanilla Brilliance the one shade I know I will always love as my inner corner highlight and even face highlight if not too chunky! It has a soft texture when swatched but I'm yet to try it on my eyes, fingers crossed it doesn't make me cry! 
Lastly I picked one of their new lipsticks Matt Matt Matt in 08 It's A Statement! since I was too curious to try the matte formula. So far so good, only used it a couple of times which is not enough to make up my mind about it entirely but the pigmentation is on top and the shade I picked is totally winter appropriate! 

If there's anything you would like to know more about just pop up a comment bellow! Thank you for keeping up with me!

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