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I guess I just need to justify why I've been absent for a month, and funny is I didn't even notice the time go by. If you're an avid reader you've noticed I wrote a post on why I was thinking of quitting blogging overall and just live life as it is, considering I'm not getting much further in my blogging path or accomplishing the targets I would've like to by this time. Truth be said I haven't given all the time in the world to blogging and even thou I love it and is one of my favourite things to do I just can't bring myself forward to leave everything else behind for this.
My overly conscious side tells me it's not a good idea to completely put aside my Make-up Artist career and ambitions, my once full time job as pastry chef and the time with my loved one. It is a fact I'm very much appreciative of the time I spend with my partner maybe due to 4 years living apart and having seen each other something like 3 times in those years, made me realise how much value I give to his company and all things we do together, which at the end of the day will take more time and go up on my priority list without a blink.  Which you know, helps sending blog to the end of the list.
So now here's the new thing, I've got another job, this time as a Make-up Artist/Sales Assistant in a big shop (I'd rather never name my employers for obvious reasons tmi) so this is basically the Christmas Temporary thing which is amazing at some point, I can decided if I love it there and if so I can prove my worth and get a permanent contract. Win/Win! But, now I have 2 part time jobs, where both require flexible days of work, in between I also need to find time to rest (aka days off) and it's been a journey with that. It's stressful, I'm not gonna lie, but hey it made me come back to blog, 'cause I really need to focus in something else other than working!

Overall the most exciting thing that happened to me was the new job coming up, but also Christmas is near and I couldn't be happier - this time not for the day itself - but my Dad is coming and I haven't seen him in 10 months! I can't wait for him to arrive and spend some time together! Also in January I'll be visiting Portugal and get stuff done there - hint - might be the time to finally take my braces off!! But sshhhh I'm not 100% sure yet!! 

When it takes to blogging, expect a lot of make-up related posts and a few of my most recent paints and my journey so far. I won't promise any schedule yet but I might get stuff up as before, 3 times a week or even 4! Let's see how it goes and hopefully this time things get better around here. I would love to reach 600 followers on Bloglovin' by the end of the year! But above all I would love to be more interactive with you! Leave me a comment bellow telling me something that happen to you recently! I'm sure you've been living the adventure ;)

Thank you very much for keeping up with me and I hope to see you soon!

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