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The festive season is usually all about glitter and pops of red everywhere but not all of us enjoy such bold statements, and the social pressure can be there to make us wear that red lipstick we've got since 5 Christmas ago that we hate...
If this is the case, you can be glamorous and season appropriate by twisting the red and going for the mauves instead! With these 5 products you can create a stunning look that will be festive yet not on your face and is a safe playground for those who are less experienced.

An illuminated complexion can change the entire make-up game, even if you're not too skilled with your highlight placement or you simply don't enjoy the stark glow just add a bit of a highlighting liquid to your foundation or moisturiser and your skin will look 10x more radiant without being the disco ball of the party. One I recommend is the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator, this one is Sunbeam which is suitable for pale skin tones, having a pinkish hue to it providing a light from within look. The Born To Glow Illuminators come in different shades suitable for also medium and darker skin tones! 

Blushed Cheeks
Blushing cheeks are also a must when it takes to any look, but we don't need to overdue them with a red blush if we don't feel like it! My best recommendation for this kind of mauve hue look is the Kiko Soft Touch Blush in 112 - a cool toned pink with lavender tones to it that suits light skin tones all year around! It is blendable and buildable which means you can either go super subtle or a bit more adventurous with it!

Shadow Bling
So, not all of us were born with the time and patience to be there blending 30 eyeshadows until we get the perfect look! That's when I came up to conclusion that the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows are an amazing weapon to achieve the effortless yet stunning eye look for the festive season! Amber Rush is the most popular one and for a reason, it looks stunning and tridimensional on the skin, with one swipe you get an amazing colour pay off that will last the entire night and if you're not one for mixing 30 shades of brown with it just blend it upwards and it will give the impression of a super worked look when in fact it took you 5 minutes to do it! Did I mention it has shimmer in it?! Which is definitely a must this time of the year!

Flutter Lashes
Mascara will complete the look and make the eyes pop! Stark black is always the best option and my favourite has to be the Too Faced Better Than Sext Mascara! Its wand makes my lashes look voluminous but not clumpy and the formula lasts without budging! I'm very picky with my mascaras but this is one I will repurchase in the future!

Suede Lips
To complete the mauve hues nothing better than a dark mauve lip colour! There's so many I love but this is one of my most recent additions and I'm obsessed! NYX Liquid Suede in Brooklyn Thorn will give your lips the mauve almost brownish look that will complement the other products mentioned above, and all together will create a sophisticated yet simple look good for beginners and experts to recreate! 

I hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas on how to get the glam without the pressure of using certain colours! Reds are cool but Mauves are too!

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