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This has nothing of green in it apart from its beautiful packaging, worry not! Pixi has been in the spot light for quite some time now and the most popular thing is probably the Glow Tonic, or at least is the one thing I think about when I hear about the brand. Haven't tried that particular product but after some reads on this Sculpting powder I decided to give in and try it myself. All the raves were there so my expectations were high! It's not the cheapest sculpting powder either but oh it is a good one...

The Natural Contour Powder Shape & Shadow (18£) is that perfect shade to sculpt those cheekbones, not too warm but not too cool so it won't look muddy as some of the contours I've tried before do. It has the perfect balance within it, the texture is a bit powdery so not the most buttery product in the world but oh it blends like a dream!!! Is one of those products you don't need to worry about the placement, it will go there and do the job with barely any effort other than swiping across your brush. It does last on my skin for the entire day and gives a subtle and natural contour to the face, I also find it very buildable so if you're into that super sharp contour this will do the job. 
The only downside is that they don't do different shades, this neutral one thou would probably suit better light and medium skin tones, so if you're in between those shades you can totally rock this!
The formula is described to have "peptides, multi-vitamin complex, aloe vera, super fruit and coffee extracts" which gives the skin some benefits, always a plus side to make-up!
Quickly became one of my favourite contouring products and I've been alternating it with my Kat Von D Shade & Light palette and the Smashbox Sculpt Powder, two of my other favourites. I got mine at Marks & Spencer but I'm aware Pixi has a shop around Carnaby Street if you prefer to see the entire range they offer. I'm definitely curious to try more from them, if you have any suggestion let me know in the comments down bellow! 

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