Velvet Macchiato


Neutral looks go well with everything. I was in doubt of what to wear on my shopping trip! I came up with this simple look with subtle browns and a burgundy eyeliner.
To start off Inglot 344 (swatches here) all over the lid with Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 080 Go, Charlie Brown! on the crease. The brow bone  070 Double Espresso Macchiato, Please! by Catrice and the luminous inner corner is a shimmery champagne color from Kiko 02 Adictive Song palette (swatches here).
To finish the look Velvet Matt eyeshadow - 040 Al Burgundy by Catrice combined with Duraline by Inglot (review here) created a different eyeliner.
Overall I enjoyed this look and hope to wear it more often! It is natural but has a pop of color on the eyeliner without making it extreme or unwearable! 

Do you always wear black eyeliner or change the color sometimes?! 

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