Christmas Melody #3 - A Portuguese Banquet


As you know I'm Portuguese and today I have something different for you! Everyone in the world loves Christmas we're no different and the most exciting thing is the dinner on the 24th!
I'll give you an idea of what we eat, curious? Keep reading!  

First things first and before the actual dinner we eat something lighter just to fill the long empty wait for the banquet!
Cheese is one of my favorite things, this one is a portuguese brand called Castelões and my mom always buys it for Christmas, it just tastes delicious and followed by shrimps nhom nhom nhom delicious!
This are my favorite 2 but we eat a lot from ham to jam in toasts and much more!


Prepare yourselves for the most amazing dinner ever. Most of the people I know are not big fans of boiled potatoes but I personally just love them combined with cod and eggs! This is one of the most traditional dishes in Portuguese gastronomy but some people actually prefer to go for the roasted turkey! Also yummy and great at Christmas time! In some families roasted suckling pig is the king of the table!
I can't actually wait to eat amazing cod swimming in loads of olive oil.


The most important elements at Christmas time in Portuguese tables are actually a traditional bread called 'Broa' and the olive oil. I can say these two are the stars of every dinner!


The best part is obviously dessert time! The "cake" in the left is called 'Bolo Rei' again, a traditional sweet bread made with almonds, raisins, nuts and is decorated with crystallized fruit and confectioners sugar. I personally don't like it much but I assure it is mandatory in everyone's table at Christmas time! 
Now my favorite thing ever! 'Aletria' the most amazing dessert on earth (in my opinion). A sweet pasta flavored with lemon and cinnamon completes every Christmas! There are dozens of traditional Christmas desserts and we could spend the day listing them! If you want any recipe just tell me below :)

Which dishes you usually eat on Christmas Eve?! 

Thanks for reading,

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