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2014 what a year. A lot happened and I can say it was all for good.
Mary Bloomy, the blog, has improved in content and photography and you surely noticed the changes as the time passed. I started with no schedule, then blogged everyday but found it too overwhelming and honestly my content wasn't the best at that time. I finally decided for a schedule of two posts a week which gives me time to prepare better content and photography for you.
I started by writing everything I thought about the story but now I'm just focused on the important things, the ones are worth a read.
We all know most of the followers go for the pictures so I've been trying my hardest to improve my skills not forgetting the good text. It all works as a duo.
I've changed my template so many times the past months I can't even count. I'm happy with this for now but I won't stop here.
Blogging has been a huge part of my life, a huge part of me. It taught me many things from beauty to actual human values. I definitely grew up a lot while blogging and I'm thankful for having you.
As you may or may not know, my name is Sara, I'm portuguese and I'm finishing a Pastry course. My main goal for 2015 is to move to a different country and find a job. I'm 19 by the way, I'm young but I never feel like it so I try to do what I love every single day. The blogger's community is a huge group of good friends and definitely take part of my daily basis.
I want to grow my blog, not for the pr, not for the fame just so I feel completely proud of myself.
More than this blog is for you, it is for myself... as I usually say, its my own therapy.
I'm making myself too long, above everything I want you to know I love what I do and I'm thankful for your support. Means a lot,  makes a dream come true. Thank you!

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