Christmas Melody #1 - DIY Christmas Tree Decor


December!!! Well, hello! 
The cold weather is here to stay and so the lights in the streets! Christmas is the most loved season  everything glows, people smile and the days are made of scarfs and hot tea!
Christmas Trees are my favorite thing! When I was little my dad used to cut a real tree and we would have that fresh smell all December in our living room but some years ago we opted for fake ones to stop harming nature!  
At this point it's almost a rule to put our Christmas spirit out there and decor our entire houses! I have some ornaments that I bought but decided to have a little more fun making my own! Curious about them?! 

You know makeup is my obsession, my passion. Last week I posted my "Trash Talk" where I got rid off of some old makeup. Since they're not good for use anymore why not recycle them?! 
With sewing thread and scissors you'll be able to put those beautiful packaging on your tree and make it look special! 

  1. Cut a piece of sewing thread (I used white since my tree is white) and wrap it 3/4 times around the lid of your tube.
  2. Close the lid and it will immediately hold your thread.
  3. Make a knot where the points touch and cut the excess.
  4. It's now ready to be hanged on your tree!  

I've made this with eyeliner tubes, lipgloss and mascaras of all different colors. It gave life to my tree and made it look beautiful! 

You can make your own out of white paper and color pencils! It's easy! Draw shapes of your taste and paint them with color pencils or markers with colors of your choice. With a needle make a little hole on top of them and tie a thread. It's ready to hang on! 
Mine are quite simple but you can do whatever you want from starts to snow flakes! Everything is allowed and it adds a bit of personal touch to your tree being a cheap and funny thing to make!

The last step is to hang everything you have! From already bought ornaments to your homemade ones! Add some lights and turn them on! Your tree will now have a personal touch and be as original as it can be! I bet no one in your family has one as beautiful as yours ;)

Take the most out of this Christmas and have fun doing your decorations!

Thanks for reading,

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