Pure Violet - A Modeling Work


If I tell you this was the first time I did makeup on another person besides me, will you believe? I know it's not perfect, I know I have a lot to improve, but hey we have to start somewhere! 
Raquel, owner of the eyes you're seeing, is a great friend and she kindly offered to be my model so I can actually practice my makeup skills in different eyes/face shapes.
I started with purples which makes her brown eyes pop! The palette was Petal Pusher by Wet n Wild and it did a great falling out job... you have no idea! 
I lined a dramatic eyeliner since her almond eyes are big enough to suit it and went for a purple waterline. She's not one of a lot of makeup, she wears lipstick and that's all... I think her eyes shape is great to get out of my comfort zone and help me improving my skills.
It was definitely a great experience we intend to repeat!

What do you think?

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