Christmas Melody #2 - The Outfit Choice


The most hard decision to make during holidays is what to wear! I'm on that stage right now but I created a look to help me figuring out what I would love to look like!

Burgundy dress, actually saw it in store first and I definitely want to pick it up! It's a beautiful shade and hugs the body pretty well being as comfy as it looks like! Everything about it makes me want to add it to my wardrobe. 
The same as for the black boots! Love at first sight! Black shoes with platforms are my weakness and I think it would fit with the dress perfectly. 
Leader jackets, I have 2 at the moment and I use them a lot! Since Portugal is not the coldest country on Earth there's no need for a huge fluffy jacket on the outfit.   
A bow in my hair and a burgundy makeup look to match the outfit! Accessories I will go for a simple necklace (the one above is a suggestion) and maybe 1 or 2 rings
To carry around my phone and wallet this black satchel is more than enough! I'm not one of fancy glittery bags, I much prefer to walk around in a discrete look as you can see for the whole outfit. 

Are you going for a discrete or more glamorous look on Christmas Eve?! :) 

Thanks for reading,

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